445 supermag ballistics

You could have saved yourself a great deal of hassle if you truly HAD been clear and stated that you actually HAD a .445 Super Mag. The single-shot T/C Contender maximizes this cartridge’s performance. Let me start by saying the obvious ... the 445 Super Mag is a FANTASTIC round out of a rifle. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. About a year ago a few fella's on a different forum came up with the idea to take a New England Arms Handi Rifle chambered in 44mag and group buy a reamer to take out to a 445 Super mag. All supermag Cases are 1.610" in Length Cool project you got going :yeah: This one is a ballistic duplicate of the 378 GNR but is made on the 45-70 brass. I can't find anything posted anywhere. 375 GNR #2 Up next and still in the 375 caliber category is the 375 GNR #2. I had the 357 Maximum which is virtually identical to the 357 Super Mag, the only difference is 0.005 extra Case length of the Super Mag. It will pretty much duplicate the ballistics of a 375 Winchester in an Encore. BTW: In my book, the 445 SuperMag is a better proposition for ammo than the 454 Casull, cheaper to shoot and about the same horsepower with less pressure. I have a 445 Super Mag from Dan Wesson. Enter your screen name or email address. NOT continued to misguide to the fact you weren't speaking of the actual subject at hand, which was the .44 Remington Mag. It is formed by necking down the 445 SuperMag to 375. Does anyone know what kind of ballistics factory loaded .445 Super mag is capable of? A super magnum is a longer and/or more powerful version of a "magnum" cartridge.Although the term "super magnum" typically refers to a handgun cartridge, created by lengthening an existing straight-case design, it can also refer to a rifle cartridge, such as the .17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM). I wished CZ wouldnt have quit making the Dan Wesson Supermag. The .445 Super Mag has it's own case and load data. Available in the Dan Wesson revolver and the T/C Contender, the .445 Super Mag easily exceeds the power of the standard .44 Remington Magnum. Jeff223 (a regular member here and a GREAT guy:drinks: ) honcho'd the deal and I was a part of it. You can make the brass out of 30-40 krag. .445 Super Mag ballistics. Ive been wanting to get my hands on a .445 for awhile but havent gotten the chance yet. The 445 super mag gives 250-300 higher FPS out of a 240 GR bullet AT THE SAME PRESSURE as a 44 mag (roughly). Wider bullet availability. I posted this question in another thread, but here it goes again. I had plans to get one someday and then they just up and quit making them. Has anyone played with this round and handloaded it? The brass for the .445 SuperMag seemed to be stretched .44 Magnum brass and was not as thick as the wildcat brass made up from either .444 Marlin or .30-40 Krag brass. unspellable, Jun 17, 2010 #15. Accurate 1680 is the best propellant for the .445 Super Mag. 200 meter rams, the .445 Super Mag readily achieves that goal. So even though the .445 brass had more case capacity then the wildcat .44 Schafer UltraMag, I decided to play it safe and not increase powder charges at the beginning. Debating buying a Dan Wesson in this caliber. Or better yet Id take an older Dan Wesson Supermag. No problems or issues whatsoever; this brass is designed to sustain much greater pressure than the 44 Mag brass (445 goes about 45 to 50 thousand PSI). You don’t hear much mention of the .445 Super Mag these days, Cool Round! I have used the 445 Super brass since 2001. It is not just a stepped up .44 Mag. Sounds like a cool project.