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Tiny yellow fringed flowers. Not for Tas. Emergent leaves could closely resemble and occasionally be mistaken for the species "Potamogeton sulcatus". Tiny yellow fringed flowers during the warmer months. Lythrum salicaria (Purple Loosestrife)Tall shrub with narrow-ovate green leaves. Slow to establish. Buy aquatic plants to suit all of your outdoor water needs. Nymphoides crenata - Variegated Form (Crenated Water Fringe - Variegated Form)Green waterlily-like leaves with distinctive toothed edges. Not for Tas. This section includes a wide range of Australian native aquatic plants ranging from moisture loving reeds/rushes to fully submerged aquatic species. Native Australian aquatic plants provide habitat for wildlife as well a for land reclamation and landscaping projects. To view available plant list and order Plants from our Nursery, visit our page on Evergreen Connect Baumea articulata 'Jointed Club-Rush' 'Gracilis' but much taller and larger growing. Maximum 1m in height. Vallisneria nana 'Little Yabba Creek' (Snakeskin Vallisneria/Snakeskin Eelgrass)A interesting species. We can Express Post wholesale aquatic plants to aquarium stores in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Juncus pallidus (Pale Rush)Upright green foliage with light brown flower spikes produced during the warmer months. Small near white flowers produced in the warmer months. This is the true Purple Mosaic, where there is very little in green colour. These weeds often out-compete local species and seriously affect the local ecology. Very spiky tip of the stem. Leaf underside bright reddish in colour. We specialise in over 250 different varieties of Aquatic plants including Waterlilies and Lotus. Great for both aquariums and ponds. Also used in aquariums. Ceratophyllum demersum (Hornwort)Dark green brushy & brittle foliage. Tends to overwinter at the bottom of the ponds. Elatine gratioloides (Waterwort)An attractive sprawling or upright growing plant. Baumea articulata (Jointed Twig Rush)Tall deep green blade culm-like stems. Deep green waterlily-like leaves with heavily crenated/scalloped edges and a few purplish-brown speckles. Copyright © 1996 - 2021 Watergarden Paradise Aquatic Nursery. The distinctive hairy sporocarps separates this plant from the others under this genus. Popular and easy to grow. Schoenoplectus mucronatus (Triangular Club Rush/Scirpus mucronatus)Tall deep green triangular stems. Not for Tas. Chorizandra enodis (Black Bristle Rush/Echidna Rush)Very narrow blue-grey to dull green cylindrical stems. Usually eaten by fish as a source of diet. Heavily fragrant when the leaves are crushed. Excellent for the any size ponds or frog habitat ponds and aquariums. One of the more beautiful species from the genus Myriophyllum. Large green waterlily-like leaves with toothed edges can reach up to approximately 20cms in diameter if given room. The leaves has a distinctive thick succulent texture and maroon fan-like pattern at the leaf centre. Sometimes used as a submergent plant anchored to the bottom of pond or water feature. Rare. Tissue culture plants are grown in a laboratory, which means they are free from disease, pests and pathogens. A carpeting plant that spreads by stolons. Tiny lavender flowers produced in the warmer months. Many of the common aquatic plants found in waterways across Australia were used by aboriginal people. Always in limited supply. Philydrum lanuginosum (Woolly Frogsmouth)Sharp and hairy sword-like green leaves. Can tolerate cold winters. This section includes a wide range of Australian native aquatic plants ranging from moisture loving reeds/rushes to fully submerged aquatic species. The stems are reddish at times. Typha domingensis (Narrow-leaved Cat-tail)Tall narrow green grass-like leaves. Ludwigia peploides ssp. Oval shaped translucent jade green leaves with undulated (or wavy) margins on underwater branching stems. The underwater translucent dark green ovate leaves has short toothed margins. Rare. Aquarium plants provide your underwater ecosystem with vibrancy, colour and – in the case of real aquatic plants – natural filtration for the water itself. Lilaeopsis polyantha (Australian Lilaeopsis)Green cylindrical and hollow stems growing on creeping stems that floats on water. Water Plant 5 Pack $65-$75 (includes Express postage) If you can’t make into the store then the quickest and cheapest way to get our water plants is to purchase a 5 pack. Aquarzon also offers live Deep reddish brown spikelets produced during the warmer months. Phragmites australis (Native Reed)Tall growing bamboo-like green leaves with eye-catching and silvery white fine spikelets produced in the warmer months. Small golden yellow fringed flowers during the warmer months. A great mat-forming plant for the wet area. Very limited stock. An edible plant when prepared properly. A very slow growing species according to our experience. Landoltia punctata / Spirodela punctata (Dotted Duckweed)A species of duckweed that is between Lemna sp. Floats just beneath the water surface. May be cold sensitive, hence not suitable for areas cooler than the temperate regions. Eleocharis pusilla (Dwarf Eleocharis)Short dark red-brown to blackish spikelets produced on top of mid green stemmed foliage. May be cold sensitive, hence not suitable for areas cooler than the temperate regions. Panicles of golden yellow star shaped flowers during the warmer months. The largest of the duckweeds. Not for Tas. Not for Tas. 40% off for 5 Plants are grown in a special nutrient rich jelly called Agar. Prefers climate with low humidity and shelter from hot winds. Unfortunately, most of the plants sold under this name within Australia is actually the variegated form of the species and not Purple Mosaic. Medium green strap-like leaves. Nymphoides spinulosperma (Marbled Marshwort/Marbled Water Fringe)Largest flowering species from the genus Nymphoides. Azolla filiculoides (Pacific Azolla)Medium green feathery foliage that resemble the foliage of ferns. A large grower that can also adapt to tub water features. It is Limited stock. Attractive purplish-pink flower spikes produced during the warmer months. Attractive panicles of white star shaped flowers during the warmer months. Lepironia articulata (Cigar Rush)Interesting and beautiful tall greyish-green stemmed foliage of rush-like plant. Up to approximately 1 cm width at times. Round partitioned flowering stems with erect habit, Long, leathery sheathed leaves with spreading blades, Stems 1-2m high, spreading from underground, Numerous leathery leaves along stem, rough toward tip, Branched flowerheads with triangular fruit, Flowerclusters of 1-6 spikelets at top of stems, Perennial aquatic herb with spreading branches to 12cm long, Solitary flowers in axil, small and white, August-November, Flowers held above the water on an erect stem, Sept-March, Flowering stems to 60cm tall, surrounded by tubular sheathed foliage, Small brown flowers grouped in clusters at end of stems, Spring-Summer, Clusters of straw-brown to red-brown flowers, December-March, Robust herb with soft curly hairs on stems & leaf bases, Flowers in upper leaf axils, cubiform fruit, Flattened branches, translucent narrow leaves, Emergent flowering spike of 10-15 flowers, Small brown flowers in large fan-shaped clusters, Spring-Summer, All basal leaves, strap-shaped to 3m long. Ottelia ovalifolia (Swamp Lily)Green strap-like emergent leaves in the warmer months and grass-like underwater leaves during the cooler months. More of a small grower than a medium grower. Also used in aquariums as a carpeting plant. Baumea preissii (Broad Twig Rush)NEW! Heavy woolly golden yellow flowers produced in the warmer months. Oenanthe javanica (Water Parsley)NEW RELEASE! Cyperus lucidus (Leafy Flat-Sedge)Tall growing green stems and bracts with short sharp reddish-brown spikelets produced during the warmer months. Bolboschoenus medianus (Marsh Clubrush)Grass-like upright triangular stems growing from rhizomes. Native to Australia and Asia. Panicles of golden yellow star shaped flowers during the warmer months. Very nice and long bright green leaves. Ficinia nodosa / Isolepis nodosa (Knobby Club Rush)Green stemmed foliage with short brown spikes produced during the warmer months. Not for WA. Dormant in winter, forming underground bulb or tuber. Panicles of tiny 3-petalled pink to off-white flowers produced during the warmer months. Hydrocotyle verticillata (Shield Pennywort)Green circular to elliptic leaves with scalloped edges that resemble the leaves of Nasturtiums. Tissue Culture plants also known as in vitro plants. Uncommon. Baumea tetragona (Square Stem Twig Rush)An interesting and unusual Australian native rush with square-stemmed foliage. Large range of aquatic plants, water lilies and moisture loving plants wholesale. The leaves has numerous tiny short teeth on the margins. Great to be used in aquariums as a carpeting plant. = Tolerant of temperate & sub-tropical climate, = Frost Sensitive - may not survive in climate subjected to frost, = Small growing - Suitable for small size water gardens or tub style water features, = Medium growing - Suitable for medium size water gardens, = Large growing - Suitable for large size water gardens or naturalizing in dams, Australian Native Aquatic & Wetland Plants. Nymphoides crenata - Northern NSW (Crenated Water Fringe (Northern NSW)/Wavy Marshwort)A variation or form of the species Nymphoides crenata that is found in northern New South Wales. Myriophyllum variifolium (Variable Water Milfoil)Green to tinted red needle-like (sometimes toothed or forked) leaves growing on creeping stems. Pisces Aquatics. Ceratopteris thalictroides (Water Sprite)Multi-branching bright green floating/submerged fern-like foliage. Nymphoides crenata - Inland NSW (Crenated Water Fringe (Inland NSW)/Wavy Marshwort)A variation or form of the species Nymphoides crenata that is found in inland northern New South Wales near Queensland border. Original price:$6.50 each. Myriophyllum papillosum (Water Milfoil)Green fine needle-like (or linear) leaves growing on creeping stems. Bacopa monnieri (Smooth Water Hyssop)Small bright green elliptic leaves grown on trailing stems. Grows in very moist soil or in very shallow water. Near rounded floating leaves with upperside bright green and underside is purplish tinted. Unusual pinkish-purple-red flowers during the warmer months. Straw-brown spikelets (occasionally tinged red) produced during the warmer months. Typha orientalis (Broad-leaved Cat-tail)Tall broad green grass-like leaves. This plant is free flowering once established. Great for coastal plantings as it is mildly salt tolerant. Interesting kidney shaped green leaves with papery-like texture. Dark brown spikes that resembles the shape of cigars. Limited stock. An edible plant when prepared properly. Mostly propagated by seeds. Prefers a cool, moist and protected site. Panicles of tiny 3-petalled pink to off-white flowers produced during the warmer months. We post by Australia Post Express to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide. Clusters of yellow-brown spikelets during the warmer months. Great for cool climate gardens. All images used within this website is subject to copyright. Often mistaken for the form called "Purple-Mosaic", but this one does not have the same amount of purple colouring on the leaves. A great plant for the small water features. A large growing plant. Sold Out - $11.95. Aquatic plants direct from the grower to you. Not for Tas. Villarsia albiflora / Ornduffia albiflora (White Marsh Flower)The truly beautiful & unusual white flowered species from Western Australia. At Oz Watergardens we focus on their ornamental appearance as well. AUD $5.20 each Frozen Feeders: Mice, Rats, Quails, Rabbits. The plants will arrive bare rooted, ready for you to pot up. Giant Water Lily (Nymphaea gigantean): Clarence says when you see the giant flower of this plant you immediately think of the tropics. Sparganium subglobosum (Native Burr Reed)Emergent aquatic with green strap-like leaves with white-green ball-like flower spikes emerging during the warmer months. Hydrilla verticillata (Hydrilla/Water Thyme)Dark green leaves with serrated edges in whorls of 5 or so and on branching stems. Slightly bronzed-green waterlily-like leaves with scalloped edges and a few purplish-brown speckles. Nelumbo nucifera 'Paleface' (Australian Native Lotus)Large beautiful white flowers tipped and edged with deep pink. Sometimes spelt as Spirodela polyrrhiza. Long green leaves with golden yellow flowering during spring and summer. Nymphoides montana (High-country Marshwort/Water Fringe)Round bronzed-greenish waterlily-like leaves. and Spirodela sp. Brownish-maroon marbling patterns over green leaves. Crinum pedunculatum (River Lily/Swamp Lily)White starry flowers from long stalks during the warmer months. Suncoast Water Gardens holds the largest range of Waterlilies and Aquatic plants in Australia. Dense clusters of reddish brown spikes produced from the stems during the warmer months. Nymphoides crenata - Victoria (Crenated Water Fringe (Victoria)/Wavy Marshwort)A variation or form of the species Nymphoides crenata that is found in Victoria. The chapters in this beautifully illustrated, full-color book focus on the aquatic species native to specific continents. Excellent for frog ponds or wetland habitat plantings. Alisma plantago-aquatica (Water Plantain) Green ovate leaves with slightly cordate leaf base. Carex fascicularis (Tassel Sedge)A sedge with green grass-like leaves growing from tough rhizomes with pendulous flower spike during the warmer months. Exotic aquatic animals and plants (particularly noxious species) can damage the natural balance of our environment. Aquarzon provides live aquarium plants wholesale to retail shops across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Golden yellow flowers that can reach up to the size of a 20c coin. Can sometimes be cold sensitive. This particular subspecies does not often produce flowers above the water surface. Spreads by running stems or stolons. Juncus ingens (Giant Rush)Tall greyish-green reed-like stemmed foliage. Great for landscaping. Also used in aquariums. A plant that is excellent for habitat gardens. Villarsia reniformis / Ornduffia reniformis (Running Marsh Flower)Thick succulent textured dark green kidney shaped leaves with lime green undersides. Tolerates waterlogging to highly moist condition. GROWER DIRECT AQUATIC PLANTSMake you life simple with complete... Jump to. Alisma plantago-aquatica (Water Plantain)Green ovate leaves with slightly cordate leaf base. Wide green blade of very flatten stems. Sometimes used in aquariums. A native of Western Australia. State Flora is a major supplier of the native plants key to the regeneration work at Lake Alexandrina, Lake Albert and the mighty Coorong. 'Red Stem' (Red Stemmed Water Milfoil)An interesting variant or selection of this species plant with green fine needle-like (or linear) leaves growing on an eye-catching reddish-pink creeping stems. This is the true form and not the Pratia spp. australis (Swamp Isotome)Very small and near oval green leaves with slightly toothed edges. 75B Rookwood Rd, Yagoona NSW 2199, Australia (02) 9793 8199 Office Hours: Mon - Thu 7:00am - 3:00pm Fri 7:00am - 12:00pm Sat - Sun Closed Attractive bronzed-green leaves with distinctive brown markings on leaves when young. Beautiful tiny white flowers produced in the warmer months. Bronzed flower spike during the warmer months. Thick cylindrical tan brown poker heads produced during the warmer months. They are hardy and well adapted to our harsh climate. Marsilea crenata (Scalloped Leaf Nardoo)Attractive emergent green four leaf clovers with distinctive scalloping leaf margins. Cyperus vaginatus (Flat Sedge)Erect green stems with very few rib-like bracts on top. For a list of the wetland and aquatic plants we grow, including pictures and information about the plants please see our Plants List page. A great substitute for Elodea plants both in aquarium and ponds. Tiny yellow fringed flowers during the warmer months. Baumea rubiginosa (Soft Twig Rush)Green blade culm-like flatten stems. Gunnera cordifolia (Heart-leaved Gunnera)An interesting Australian native from Tasmania with hairy green heart shaped leaves. Blechnum penna-marina (Alpine Water Fern)Deep green pinnate fronds growing in a scrambling habit. Also used in aquariums. Baumea juncea (Bare Twig Rush)Grey-green circular culm-like stems. We operate on the lands of the Wurundjeri people, and pay our respects to them, their culture and their Elders past and present. The use of these images without prior written permission is strictly prohibited. Marsilea costulifera (Narrow Leaf Nardoo)Beautiful small growing four-leaf clovers with narrower leaves than other species under the same genus. Also used in aquariums as a substitute for Nymphoides aquatica. Grows to a height of approximates 50cms. Unlike other perennial plants under this genus, this species does not produce tubers. Can form into a mat of green foliage in shallow water areas (emersed) or underwater carpeting plant. Not for Tas. Different to other native Myriophyllum species as this one have quite distinctive emergent leaves. An interesting Australian native plant. Selliera radicans (Swamp Weed)Bright green obovate leaves growing from runners/suckers.