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Although the variety of calibers has reduced, rimfire rounds are still in great demand among shooters – especially hunters – for their low recoil and minimal noise. .308 Marlin Express.308 Winchester / 7.62mm x51mm.308 Norma Magnum.32 Remington.32 Winchester Special.32-20 Winchester.325 WSM.33 Nosler.33 Winchester.338 Federal.338 Lapua.338 Norma Magnum.338 Marlin Express.338 Spectre.338 RCM.338 RUM.338 Winchester Mag.338-06.338-378 Weatherby Mag.340 Weatherby Mag.348 Winchester.35 Remington.35 Whelen For this reason, Winchester offers a .308 load as part of Deer Season XP line of ammunition. ... A fairly popular one is a 32 ACP used with a 30-30, 308, or a 30-06. Nosler also offers a loading that uses a 125 grain Ballistic Tip bullet. Compare. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a challenger out there. This is a reduced power load that uses a lighter bullet fired at a slower than usual velocity. I want to preserve maximum optionality down the road to add a suppressor to my rig (I believe it should be as simple as screw-off-the-brake-screw-on-the-suppressor and adjust zero). And ammo will be cheaper than "specialty". Federal American Eagle 9mm Luger 150-Grain Synthetic Jacket Ammunition. Heavier bullets with a higher sectional density (like this 180 grain bullet), tend to penetrate pretty well, even if they don’t have a cutting edge design. bullets and 1" above 168- and 180-gr. So by using this rifle in the tests, it can help give some context for the amount of recoil we’re talking about. This often results in a short tracking job and a very easy to follow blood trail (if the deer runs at all). This ammo is another great option for hunters going after game out west like mule deer or pronghorn who need excellent 308 ammo for a long range hunting situation. All of the ammunition listed on our website is in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in High Point, NC. Stay tuned! With that in mind, this is also perfect .308 ammunition for an African safari where really large or tough game like zebra, blue wildebeest, kudu, or eland are on the menu. Are you one of those guys who has been reading this series of posts on ... Cal, It looks like the brake was 4% more effective on the 308 and 8% more effective on the 300 Norma than when the suppressor was threaded onto the brake. I am very glad I waited a while and you are helping me getting my dream gun built for ultra long range shooting. I knew I wanted to focus on 6mm through 30 caliber. Page 1 of 5. At the same time, the .308 Winchester doesn’t have the case capacity to generate high velocities with a 180 grain bullet. ... 12 Gauge FIOCCHI 2 3/4" Rifled Slug, Reduced Recoil Aero-Slug - 10 Rounds. But honestly if I have time to get back into deer hunting, I … High pressure bolt – external surfaces are CNC ground after heat treat for a precision fit and firing pin hole diameter is reduced to .070″ Multi-caliber bolt designed to function with .308, 7.62×51, 6.5 Creedmoor, .338 Federal and other .308 based cartridges. Core Lokt has been around for a long time and countless hunters have successfully used this ammo to take just about every species of big game in North America. It also helps you separate the different types of recoil reduction, so you could place more weight on either overall momentum or peak force, if you thought one was more important than the other. The rifle I used is not a precision rifle, but it represents something most people are familiar with. You can see the suppressor isn’t as quite effective at reducing recoil on this rifle as many of the muzzle brakes, with it finishing near the tail end of the pack. For instance, Hornady does offer a 125 grain 308 round promising reduced recoil. Cal is a life-long learner, and loves to help others get into this sport he's so passionate about. Even though they’re lighter and not quite as aerodynamic, this Ballistic Tip load still has a flatter trajectory than the comparable Winchester Deer Season XP load. Have a old 22” Husqvarna and 22” tikka with 1:10 twist. As long as you stick with 5/8×24 thread on both of them, then it shouldn’t matter which one you purchase. Available using 130 grain, 150 grain, or 168 grain .30 caliber bullets, Barnes offers three outstanding choices for hunters regardless of what they’re after. INFO 023-L308W1 308 Win 125 gr. Here is a look at the cartridge capacities tested, along with a couple other popular rounds for context on the size of the 300 Norma. Good to know you found this helpful. It’s certainly capable of getting the job done on bigger game, but I think the Extreme Point bullet expands far too rapidly at the expense of penetration for use on big game like that. How woukd usage of a muzzle brake and suppressor (surefire) effect the outcome? Apr 7, 2009 #2 . Fortunately, Federal Premium also offers .308 Winchester hunting ammunition loaded with the Berger Hybrid Hunter bullet as a factory load. Compare. 12 Gauge Federal Game Load 2 3/4" #7.5 Lead Shot 1 oz H121 7.5 - 25 Rounds. For this reason, the ELD-X is still devastating on deer and pronghorn sized game, but it’s also a much better choice than their SST bullet for use on larger game. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. Power•Shok Buckshot - Low Recoil Items 1 to 9 Availability New Products Best Matches Price Low To High Price High to Low Most Popular Top Sellers Product Name A - Z Product Name Z - A I’m glad you’re finding the approach helpful. While the .308 Winchester excels on deer sized game, it can also be and extremely effective cartridge for use hunting bigger game like elk and even moose when using premium ammunition loaded with controlled expansion bullets. baffles redirected gases to move to sides or even rearward, and during that collision “an equal and opposite” amount of momentum is applied to the baffles, pushing them away from the shooter and offsetting recoil). Which ones help you stay on target? Here are links to the others: Tags 300 Norma Mag 308 Winchester Alamo Four Star Alamo Four Star Muzzle Brake American Precision Arms APA Fat Bastard APA Little Bastard Badger Muzzle Brake Center Shot Rifles CSR Blast Tamer Muzzle Brake Federal Gold Medal Match Ammo Holland's Muzzle Brake Impact Precision JEC Customs JEC Muzzle Brake JP Muzzle Brake Muzzle Brake Reviews OPS Muzzle Brake Recoil Seekins Precision Shrewd Muzzle Brake Surefire TBAC Suppressor Thunder Beast ThunderBeast Suppressor Todd Hodnett TriDelta Muzzle Brake Tubb Muzzle Brake West Texas Ordnance. The .308 Winchester is a popular cartridge for new, small framed, and or recoil shy hunters. 30-30 vs 45-70 Which Lever Action Is Best For You? Thanks for such an unbiased write up !! Armornite is used on many S&W® and M&P® products imparting a high level of protection internally and externally where applied. Keep up the great work! Another reader asked a very similar question, and I answere... Heath: You’re pretty much regurgitating Bryan Litz’s books with this particular present... Joe Bellicini: Once again, well done. Custom Lite is available in .243 Win., .270 Win., 7mm-08 Rem., 7mm Rem. - Page 6, Statistics for Shooters – Executive Summary, Precision & Group Size – Statistics for Shooters Part 3, Muzzle Velocity Stats – Statistics for Shooters Part 2, How To Predict The Future – Statistics For Shooters Part 1, Tactical Scopes: Field Test Results Summary & Overall Scores, Powder Temp Stability: Hodgdon Extreme vs. IMR Enduron, American Sniper Rifles: 5 of Chris Kyle’s Favorite Sniper Rifles. Just like the name says, the AccuBond is a bonded bullet where the lead core is chemically bonded to the jacket, so you don’t have to worry about the bullet “grenading” or expanding too rapidly upon impact. There is some overlap (like the APA), but I believe Alamo is working on a completely different brake for a 338 and a completely different brake design for a 50 cal. Thinking of 110grain bullets, imr4350, to around 2700 feet per second. The .308 is absolutely capable of getting the job done, but it’s important to use proper bullets if you plan on using the .308 for elk. This time though, the American Precision Arms brake is the larger Fat B* model, and not their Little B*. It will be like finding a needle in a haystack! ... (reduced recoil 9-pellet) and the LEB127 LRS (RR Truball slug) or LE127 RS (RR Hydra-Shok slug). I didn’t do that on purpose, and actually only thought about it when you asked … but that is a cool, accidental comparison in the data. That means these muzzle brakes are doing a lot of work, considering the recoil a large magnum cartridge like this produces, especially running a heavy 230gr bullet. Should be easy. The heaviest round, most frequently used in match-grade rounds is 175 grain and travels at about 2,650 feet per second in terms of muzzle velocity. .308 Winchester The .308 Winchester is a rifle cartridge and is the commercial cartridge upon which the military 7.62x51mm NATO centerfire cartridge is based. I’m always hesitant to speculate on how something might compare, because there are always surprises. It seems like when the gases initially strike the baffles they’d be doing work in your favor, and a suppressor also slows down those expanding gases which spreads out the recoil and a decrease in velocity also reduces momentum. Kentucky Gun Co has in-stock 50 round boxes of Federal Syntech Action Pistol 9mm Luger 124-grain Ammunition for $34.99 with flat rate shipping. So many guys have precision rifles chambered in the 308. Since the 300 Norma is so new, there isn’t much load data out there for it. Also Available at: Brownells, Natchez Shooters Supplies, Optics Planet, and Palmetto State Armory. Quick view. Buy either standard packaging or prepper packs. Want to be the first to know when the next set of results is posted? And if you didn’t think a 308 had much recoil, you should fire 200+ rounds from a 6 pound rifle in one day and see if your shoulder doesn’t get a little tender! But what about a larger 30 caliber cartridge? I do appreciate the question, because I didn’t even realize I had published the data for a TOMB brake with and without the suppressor attached. Very comprehensive and informative post, being a your regular reader cant go with out leave a comment, thank you for your contribution. However, Berger bullets are designed to penetrate several inches before expanding. Military marksmen and police units may use subsonic ammunition in suppressed rifles when minimal noise is more important than range and energy. Also Available at: Brownells, Cabela’s, Natchez Shooters Supplies, Optics Planet, and Palmetto State Armory. After reading a ton of forum threads, I bought an OPS brake for that rifle. Without further ado, here is the data for the recoil reduction on the 308 rifle for each of the muzzle brakes: Just as we saw in the recoil results for the 6mm and 6.5mm, both American Precision Arms and Alamo Four Star have a measurable lead over the rest of the pack.