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Talk to our friendly LEGO experts online. 17 Pins • 144 Followers. Sets. Lego Customs Course: Create My Own Creation MOC Lego Sets ***** This is the class to enroll if you want to learn how to profit with selling your custom lego creations known as MOC which stand for My Own Creations. LEGO Building.. Build and display your very own designer MOC. You can buy any lego set great creative and make money even with small amount of pieces. Set Types Set Watches Submitting Sets Building Instructions LEGO Database Set Variants and Inventories MOCs. MOCs Designers with the most MOC views in the last 30 . Nov 29, 2020 - Explore GameGoldz's board "MOC custom LEGO sets", followed by 509 people on Pinterest. LEGO Friends also took part in this collaboration in 2020 with some jungle themed sets which also came with some nice, somewhat cuter animals. Explore Nick's brick land's photos on Flickr. How to find sets. LEGO Polls; All Blog Posts; Blog - Set/MOC Reviews; Blog - Competitions; Blog - New Features; Blog - LEGO News; Blog - Other; Other Help Guide; Ask for Help; Rebrickable API; Downloads; Change Log (data) Commit Log (code) Mobile/Web Apps; Bricksafe - Free LEGO File Hosting; LOG IN. I was nine when my grandparents gifted me a set of LEGO – and I was hooked right away. (This is how fan-made creations are distinguished from the official LEGO sets you can purchase in stores.) Good! Our database contains information on 17712 LEGO sets and other items released over the last 71 years. REGISTER MOC - CASE QuadTrac 620. If you need some inspiration, feel free to come to MOC Ideas, and inspire by other LEGO MOC creators! Search by theme, year or number. Alexander Nesterenko has uploaded 64 photos to Flickr. In MOC Ideas, we collect LEGO MOC Ideas all around the world. REGISTER MOC - Sailboat. *MOC - My Own Creation, the commonly used acronym for custom LEGO ® creations. Second, it's also a hassle for MOC designers to sell kits of their sets: sourcing, sorting, packing and so on. 2.3. Buy the design and we will send you brand new, genuine LEGO ® pieces with building instructions. Freunde, jeder kann ein LEGO Set bauen. A few days after Christmas, LIDL came with a interesting offer of 12 LEGO Sets … Brickset is the most established, accurate and up-to-date LEGO database on the Internet today: we've been collating our data since 1997. Today reviewing yet another small (cheap) LEGO Set. The amazing creations by LEGO Artists are called MOCs, meaning "My Own Creation". Browse MOCs; MOCs by Lego Olaf; MOC-75453 Sailboat. REGISTER TOP MOC DESIGNERS. LEGO MOC is essentially made of these individual LEGO bricks made by designers from scratch. See more ideas about custom christmas, lego sets, lego. For order and payment issues, it's best to call us as we can't take payment info over chat. That was my introduction to the wonderful world of LEGO, but as I grew older I realised that I wanted to build my own world and it was evident that I couldn’t do so with the official sets designed by LEGO. Nov 4, 2019 - Explore Nick's brick land's photos on Flickr. This ranges from the imitation of a complete street to the rebuilding of aircraft and helicopters, such as the Apache AH-64 helicopter MOC that our fan Michael Brown made recently. LEGO Polls; All Blog Posts; Blog - Set/MOC Reviews; Blog - Competitions; Blog - New Features; Blog - LEGO News; Blog - Other; Other Help Guide; Ask for Help; Rebrickable API; Downloads; Change Log (data) Commit Log (code) Mobile/Web Apps; Bricksafe - Free LEGO File Hosting; LOG IN. Hundreds of unique LEGO ® models (MOCs*) at your fingertips. LEGO MOCs are the sets that are built by massive fans of the LEGO bricks. Find the MOC you love the most. Browse MOCs; MOCs by Klein.Creations; MOC-67575 CASE … These are called LEGO® MOC sets or just LEGO® MOCs. The products on our website have very high quality and perfection, providing very good experiences for players. LEGO MOC MOC-22914 Combine Harvester Set - building instructions and parts list. MOC Ideas is what we love, and also what we are collecting. You will love this Board. The new-for-2021 LEGO® CITY Road Plates set 60304 is reviewed by Caz Mockett, plus MOCs! LEGO Polls; All Blog Posts; Blog - Set/MOC Reviews; Blog - Competitions; Blog - New Features; Blog - LEGO News; Blog - Other; Other Help Guide; Ask for Help; Rebrickable API; Downloads; Change Log (data) Commit Log (code) Mobile/Web Apps; Bricksafe - Free LEGO File Hosting; LOG IN. Search by theme, year or number. The best Lego sets 2021: Technic, NASA, Harry Potter and loads more are perfect for keeping busy at home. Worldbricks - LEGO … Cheap Lego Sets Car Box Lego City Fire Toys Videos Activity Toys Clearance Toys Gaming. 1 week; 1 month; … They order these bricks from brick/part stores all over the internet and begin creating. You may see some sets that are not made by LEGO, but you should not worry about this. You either go to some website which sells fan-made MOC sets, or you attempt at … Although we’re receiving a very high number of requests from our customers right now, we’re working hard to respond quickly. What is MOC? See more ideas about legos, lego, lego projects. So Build a MOC was set up to solve both of them. There are two ways of making a LEGO MOC. LEGO® CITY Review & MOCs: 60304 Road Plates | New Elementary: LEGO® parts, sets and techniques Original articles about LEGO® pieces, set reviews, building techniques and brick model ideas Gerardo explains "Many of our customers came to us frustrated by the complexity of buying LEGO bricks for their projects. Clark does a showcase of the LEGO MOCs he made from duplicate sets we got in the mail from Hudson.Want more brickitect in your life? Like many in the LEGO MOC space, ... “I did collect LEGO Technic [sets] when I was [studying] in Australia back in 2005, but it was more of buying the sets themselves that I love, especially Ferrari, and building them [from the box itself],” says Tommy. Under AFOLs, or adult LEGO® fans, there is a lively culture for building MOCs. Shop Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods. Pure Display Ltd Park House, 15-23 Greenhill Crescent, WD18 8PH, United Kingdom Set Lists Part Lists Custom Lists Backups Sets. This is a small Backgammon set I designed in my recent Backgammon hype to have a small and portable option to play the game.The Board is foldable and the smaller box, which is used during the game... LEGO MOC MOC-61755 Backgammon Set - building instructions and parts list Browse the best unique designs by the top creators. Download LEGO instructions and catalogs from the 1950's to the present time. LEGO has always been an incredibly popular unisex toy and the newer, modern designs are proving just as fun as ever. Like LEGO? Article from Mail us. See more ideas about custom lego sets, custom lego, lego sets. Other popular LEGO sets consist of Harry Potter, LEGO Friends, Batman, Cinderella, Ninjago and more. Nick's brick land has uploaded 202 photos to Flickr. LEGO Sets and MOC Collection by The Technic Gear. 60263 Ocean Mini-Submarine is the smallest of the range and falls into the 4+ age mark, a bracket which used to be called Juniors and is designed for those who are ready to leave swallow-proof DUPLO behind and tentatively begin their System journey. Use the drop-down lists above to find the sets you're interested in Assembled/Built Sets Ignored Sets Liked MOCs Lost Parts Undoing Changes Lists. Aber die TOP 5 LEGO Dioramen die wir uns heute ansehen werden, lassen jedes davon im Schatten stehen! LEGO 60001 Fire Chief Car Review - LEGO Reviews & Videos. Nov 15, 2017 - Explore Tom Kozlowski's board "Legos MOC Instructions", followed by 165 people on Pinterest. Top Products in LEGO Complete Sets & Packs; Lego76110 DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Attack The Talons Kit From 7 J ; Lego 75951 Harry Potter 2018 Fantastic Beasts … Not everyone owns a LEGO MOCs, but the LEGO Set is different, you can own them if you have enough money to buy them. Apr 19, 2019 - Explore Alexander Nesterenko's photos on Flickr. Submitting MOCs. The uniqueness and rarity is also one of the great differences of LEGO Sets and LEGO Mocs. Be quick to own these products for a great experience. CUSTOM LEGO HOGWARTS EXPRESS TRAIN AND CARRIAGES MOC (set 75955). Welcome to the world of HOT LEGO MOC Bricks Set. With LEGO® you can really make or recreate everything. Phone us. LEGO Sets have bricks available. How's our service? Nick's brick land has uploaded 202 photos to Flickr. 20150705_170854. Dec 11, 2020 - Explore GameGoldz's board "MOC Lego sets Custom Christmas Xmas", followed by 512 people on Pinterest. In here, you can find stunning LEGO MOC Bricks sets.