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Gun fit is an important factor as well if the gun does not fit you're body or style of shooting, recoil … If length of pull is correct, your shooting-hand thumb should be about an inch from the lens on your safety glasses. Conclusion: Reducing Shotgun Recoil Heavy guns help dampen felt recoil. Felt recoil, handling and stylistic considerations (“looks great”) are a few of the qualities, though present, that have not been quantified with any clarity and likely will not be. Momma loves the shotgun and using this technique trying to pull apart the receiver, can also shoot from the hip and hit center mass at 25 yards using only iron sights. Phoenix Technology claims that their Kicklite stock absorbs 40 to 50 percent of felt recoil and the Limbsaver recoil pad claims a 70 percent reduction. If the gun still punches too hard, you’ll need to look to one of the other four factors for relief. As some have mentioned, the lighter weight of the single can result in greater felt recoil but this is not always the case. If you mount low, the recoil will cause more muzzle jump, which translates to a sore cheek. After all, what’s really important is that the shot you take is on target in the first place. The point is, if your shotgun doesn’t wear a quality recoil pad, install one now. The Mossberg 500 is an amazing shotgun with absolutely no disadvantages. There's hardly any. A .410 will have the least recoil for the shell, but it also has the least power. The receiver is sturdy and drilled to accept scope … The stock is designed so the exterior shell flexes outward to further dampen recoil. The trade-off was that recoil is the lightest of the test, as might be expected. Then I started shooting skeet and realized that … Continued, By Gas autoloaders can generally be lighter, since the action bleeds off some of the gasses that cause the gun to recoil back in the first place. So how do you cut down on recoil? This pick has a wooden stock & forend, a good rubber recoil pad, anti-jam mechanism and twin bead sights for perfect aiming. Not that a pump is indestructible—it’s a tool like any other, and parts can break or eventually wear out. A heavy 12 gauge will recoil less than a light 20 gauge if both shoot similar loads. It’s not a comfort issue, but a performance issue. I used to like a shotgun with a little thump to it. Squishy recoil pads, dense liquids like mercury, air chambers and springs are all used for various recoil systems that are popular with target shooters. MOSSBERG 940 JM PRO … I would recommend any of the shotguns we discussed for new shooters, people looking for tactical firearms for home defense or competitive shooters. A properly fitting shotgun is one that comes to your face and shoulder … Light loads, slower loads and smaller gauges break clays just as hard. Shotgunners missbirds and develop permanent flinches because of recoil. I did have a Soft-Touch recoil system installed in the stock, and had the shotgun fitted to me. The shotgun with the least recoil is also virtually worthless for anything other than busting clay birds and killing snakes. I also believe that, at least for me, a single can come to the shoulder more quickly than a pump. The forward stock used to grip the shotgun with the support hand and to pump its action. Unfortunately, being human, mathematics aren’t all that there is to it. Find a way to reduce recoil and you’ll transition faster when shooting doubles, you’ll be able to shoot longer and you’ll maintain focus on the target clear through the break. August 15, 2012. That’s it for mathematical recoil. I have read that some believe the shorter overall length of an O/U (action is not as long so the overall length of a 30” O/U is a few inches less that a 30” pump) helps reduce felt recoil, but I’m not sure if that’s something thats true in real world experiences. Perceived recoil is very different from calculated free recoil. BPS is heavier for less recoil, but the SuperNova has a Comfortech stock. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Obviously the two guns produce the same amount of free recoil energy, but the one with the soft-rubber recoil pad exhibits less “felt recoil” because its recoil impulse was spread out over a longer time period—or in other words … padded. Mount the stock to your face. Often when middle school-age kids join our trap club, they bring short 20-gauge youth pumps that kick surprisingly hard because they are so light. As with all things gun-related, there is no magical answer. It’s certainlyunderstandable. Then I started shooting skeet and realized that recoil offers no positive gains. My opinion, Beretta A-400 by far the least bit of recoil I can remember from a shotgun. Just don’t get too carried away or you can alter the gun’s balance too much. • Grip: The area where the shotgun is grasped and controlled by the strong-side hand; a vertical pistol grip allows easier control of the shotgun with one hand, but is not as intuitive for natural point-and-fire shooting. Try them, and you might realize that you don’t need to sling 1 1/4 ounces at 1,500 fps toward every pheasant that flushes. Overall recoil is light even for a 20-gauge shotgun. You’ll avoid the huge recoil that you get with a regular shotgun. If you love your gun but she’s a dainty little thing, you can try adding weight. version), the steel receiver Browning B-80, and the Browning A-5 Mag 20. Recoil is only a negative. Benelli Supernova. There are many products that can be used to accomplish the desired task. The Benelli Nova Pump has a polymer stock which helps absorb a great deal of recoil. Fill a short piece of metal or plastic pipe with lead shot, cap the ends or tape them shut, and drop it into the stock’s bolt hole beneath the recoil pad. what type of 12 gauge shotgun cartridge gives the least recoil? How to Reduce Your Shotgun’s Recoil. The weight of the shotgun is the same or greater than most 12-gauge shotguns. ComforTech recoil systems on Benelli synthetic-stocked guns, like the Super Black Eagle 3, utilize 24 synthetic, recoil-absorbing chevrons. Even in the field, lighter loads cut down on flinches and make follow-up shots faster. A feature that has pollinated between both tactical and competition that we look for is oversized or large controls. The heavier the shotgun is, the less it kicks. The same holds true if simply kicking around in the woods with a shotgun. There are some great products out there for reducing recoil, but some are pricey and some flat out don’t work. If you load 7/8oz 12 gauge loads, they will be very little recoil in a full size pump gun. I used to like a shotgun with a little thump to it. “Gauge” isn’t part of the recoil equation, either. It helps prevent muzzle rise. I purchased mine from Amazon but I went one step further and bought the Limbsaver recoil pad. For those looking for a reliable, affordable shotgun a pump action should not be overlooked. Shorter LOPs often result in more felt recoil, but also make the gun easier to maneuver and manipulate in less-than-ideal stances and scenarios. Remington Model 31. There are four factors you can address: A properly fitting shotgun is one that comes to your face and shoulder comfortably and centers the shot pattern where you want it. You can also try inserting lead weights into small holes drilled in the underside of the forend. To me, about 8 ½ pounds is perfect in an over-under for clay target shooting, but then I tend toward heftier choices and don’t have to lug my competition gun across hill and dale as hunters do. All in all, a pump gun is the least likely repeater to fail. However, the one aspect of the gun’s dimensions that most influences felt recoil is length of pull. If the gun is too long, you’ll definitely feel the recoil. You might also consider a .20ga. Check your manhood at the door next time you buy shot shells. Do you really need 1 1/8 ounce 3 dram 12 gauge loads to win your Tuesday night trap club shoot? If you’ve got a semi-automatic shotgun, its ability to spread out recoil over time is going to make firing it feel gentler than a pump action or side-by-side. Make sure the butt is in your shoulder pocket, not on your shoulder muscle, or you could end up with a colorful bruise. Less recoil equates to a marked improvement in your ability to aim and shoot your boomstick. Browning BPS or Benelli SuperNova would be my vote for a pump. It is the same thing with some ammo. All rights reserved. Good fit and a good recoil pad on the pump can negate that. Exactly what is the “right way” for a shotgun to fit is somewhat subjective. Hardly. Some shells also have hinged wads, which collapse during ignition to reduce felt recoil. Accuracy: The light BuckHammers grouped around 1 5/8 inches at 50 yards. The original Browning Gold 20 gauge (not the latest 6-1/4 lb. Semi-Autos usually have less felt recoil than O/U or pumps. Couple hundred rounds a night is no problem. But I still wouldn’t recommend anything with the word “feather” in its description if you’ll be doing high-volume shooting. 12 Gauge 3 1/2 2 1/4 ounce Turkey Load + Remington 870 Super Magnum. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. Gun ownership laws in Illinois may be loosened after a county judge ruled the state's FOID card violates the Second... It’s not even close. Many target over-unders fall into the 7 ½- to 9-pound range. The lighter the shot load of the shell, or the lower the velocity of the shell, the less it kicks. Felt recoil was the least of the shotguns tested, although by a small margin; the shotgun was also heavier with the Adaptive Tactical stock. While recoil energy determines how hard the blow to the shoulder feels, recoil velocity determines how abrupt the blow to the shoulder feels. They are all heavy guns by some standards for 20 gauges, but not heavy at all for breaking clays or an afternoon on the dove field. Believe it or not. The Managed-Recoil BuckHammers shoot a 1 1/8-ounce slug at 1350 fps and produce about a third less recoil. Often more than one option can be used to magnify the effect. ... Pump and over and under shotguns give you all the recoil. The chevrons are arranged diagonally from the heel of the buttstock to a point just behind the grip. Frequent shooters have been known to … Even a gun that fits perfectly could give you fits with recoil if you don’t mount it the right way. Curtis Niedermier The Benelli Supernova is built around the ComforTech recoil reduction system … Semi-auto shotguns don’t kick as hard. I have a Citori O/U and I've shot 500 round iron man doubles tournaments, and used it to shoot "games" where I'm pushing 1 3/8 oz loads at 1380 fps. Felt, aka perceived, aka kick is just that - perceived. They require that their shooter absorb a greater amount of recoil energy. Three shotguns in particular have markedly low recoil levels. © 2021 Camden Media. A picky shotgun is not fun to deal with, and in 2020, each of these has a track record of having the least trouble across loads. Typically bird shot has the least felt recoil. Fifteen foot pounds is probably about the maximum recoil energy most shooters feel reasonably comfortable with, particularly at the trap or skeet range, where most serious shotgun practice occurs. Example: If you shoot a shotgun from your shoulder in the normal way, you will feel a certain amount of recoil. No other 3-inch shotgun... An important New York concealed carry licensing case... We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Now take exactly the same shotgun and shell and hold the butt against your nose when you pull the trigger. Before firing the shotgun for accuracy with slugs, we noted that the trigger was heavy at 7.5 pounds, common for older riot guns. 1 0. Proper Gun Fit and Mount. The perception comes from the gas gun elongating the recoil pulse out a few milliseconds longer. 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