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Ever. Looks like I should be set with this: Old thread revival, @Chris2fur, if you still have those PURE rebuild pdf's, I have a sid race carbon that I'm gonna have to dig into. We recommend servicing your RockShox forks every 50-100 hours. Would appreicate if so, I'll search elsewhere in the meantime. The best suspension requires the best fluid. I did. Step 5: Bikeradar. at the bottom that is essentially a small hex key inserted through the bottom bolt. The new foam was too wide and had to be cut to fit my shock. But yeah, a pic of the fork would help no end. ... customer is contacted with replacement options) Rebuild with New Seals and RockShox Specific Oil. Rock Shox SID RACE for 26" wheels. The problem is that after I put everything back together it only uses half of the travel. Problem: I filled it with the legs fully extended when you needed to fill it to 35mm from the top WITH THE LEGS FULLY COMPRESSED. Jumps? Old foam came out in pieces. Come join the discussion about bike parts, components, deals, performance, modifications, classifieds, trails, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! 100mm Travel(can be changed internally to 80mm) with Motion Control- Compression/Lockout. Our lightest cartridge damper. I once serviced an open bath fork for the first time. Together we’ll provide ultra-low friction wiper seals, less fatigue, and unmatched suspension feel, all while keeping the dirt where it belongs- because no one wants dirt in there. SID rebuild instructions are on page 26. Main seal: #221. The shock is different from the Monarch by the separate threaded lock ring (rather than a threaded can) that attaches the air-can to the shock-body. Manufacturer ID: 11.4015.300.000 I don't crash, I just have slightly uncontrolled dismounts! It is critical to use the grease and oil that is compatible with the service kit, as listed above, for optimal suspension performance. Charge Shock and Test Actuation . Sure. 01 - Charger Race Day Damper. You will need another kit to replace other seal inside the fork. For 26" wheels. Rockshox SID Race: Air: 2006: Rockshox SID Race: Solo Air: 2010: Rockshox SID Race: Dual Air: 2014: Rockshox SID RCT3: Solo Air: 2012: Rockshox SID RCT3 (120) Dual Air: 2015: Rockshox SID RCT3, RLT, RL: Solo Air: 2014: Rockshox SID RL: Solo Air: 2014: Rockshox SID RL3: Solo Air: 2012: Rockshox SID RL3 (120) Dual Air: 2014: Rockshox SID RLT: Solo Air  It’s the perfect fork for a new generation of more capable XC bikes, keeping riders ready for whatever’s down course. Externally looks like this, but black and with no decals still on it: Thanks for the info. I have a SID, probably around 2000, could be the 100mm version. Wherever XC riders want to go, SID is already there. JavaScript is disabled. Be sure to inject the fluid into the lower leg of the fork and not the threaded rebound damper shaft inside. It’s the perfect fork for a new generation of more capable XC bikes, keeping riders ready for whatever’s down course. RockShox SID / Reba Solo Air A2-A3 Full Service Kit — $34 RockShox Service Kits include o-rings, glide rings, air valve caps, air valves, c-clips, bottom out bumpers, crush washer, etc. For an improved shopping experience, we recommend that you use the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. A lightweight, highly tunable air spring designed to offer a consistent feel throughout the travel - effortlessly soaking up the smallest hits and tracking the slightest changes in the terrain. $449.00. Remove … Suitable for SID 32mm only. It might be time for a quick oil change. Sid SL Select 00.4318.025.060; Sid SLSelect + 00.4318.025.070 I have schraeder valves on the top and bottom of the left leg (pos and neg). Maxima Plush Fluid is designed to protect from suspension wear, reduce friction, and silence damper noise while maintaining a consistent feel in all temperatures. There were honestly two drops of oil that came out of the fork when I took it apart so I can't tell if there was something wrong with the damper. Jumps? All oil volume measurements are taken from the official manufacturers: (rockshox) website. Rock gardens? Reduce your weight and show off your chiseled good looks. Sure. It was basically entirely empty before I added any fluid. It was later reincorporated in California. **The 2020 SID Service kit can be used to service SID 2017, 2018, and 2019 forks when the compatible grease and oil are used. Use a rag to clean all excess fluid/oil from the lower leg. Added boost of confidence. Use these links for rebuild instructions: Charger RL, Charger 2 RL, Charger Race Day . You’re gonna go fast, and you’re gonna have fun. We develop and manufacture state of the art bicycle suspension forks, shocks, and dropper posts. if the rebound damper seal is shot, oil will leak down to the lower assembly and do this. RockShox, Inc. 401 Charcot Ave. San Jose, CA 95131. Wherever XC riders want to go, SID is already there. Rock Shox SID $150.00. 2020 saw radical updates to the platform in the form of two SID forks, the SID and the SID SL. Rock Shox RS1 Rebuild $150.00 (includes scrader valve air caps) Rock Shox Mag 21 Rebuild $175.00. Instructions: fill with oil until 35mm from the top. A lightweight, highly tunable air spring designed to offer a consistent feel throughout the travel - effortlessly soaking up the smallest hits and tracking the slightest changes in the terrain. Old seal were carefully removed by prying out with screw driver. The fork would only compress about 2 inches (6 inch travel fork). That way you can cycle the rebound shaft to make sure you have the oil on both sides of the piston. Earlier this year, RockShox unveiled a completely re-engineered SID. Push Industries is now offering Rebuild and tuning service kits for RockShox Reba, Revelation and Pike forks. You can call one of our Gear Advisors at 951-234-7554 with any questions, they’ll be happy to help you get it sorted. An all new chassis, matched with the new Charger Race Day damper is our lightest yet. RockShox TrailHead App is the starting point to get your suspension dialed in for the perfect ride. Our lightest production damper with rock-solid lockout. Developed with the world's fastest racers, on the world's toughest circuits. RockShox SID. The closed damper forks usually run approx 5 - … An entirely new 35mm chassis optimized to be satisfyingly stiff and eliminate as much weight as possible. It had the main seal, body o-ring, shaft bushing, shaft seal, shaft wiper, and glide ring. Kits include many extra parts to cover all years and models. NOTICE 2020 SID service kits require RockShox Dynamic Seal grease and 0w-30 oil. FREE U.S. We’ve re-balanced SID, beefing up its strength to match its speed. More "more.". Smooth performance, featuring a 2-positon compression setting (open/lock). It's possible you have a later model SID with a closed damper, in which case, 100mls of oil in the lower would certainly cause the hydro-locking issues. Installation Instructions for SID XC and SL It is extremely important that your RockShox fork is installed correctly by a qualified technician with proper tools. Draw up 5ml of RockShox 0w30 fork oil into your syringe and inject it into the bottom of the drive side lower fork leg. More terrain. I was using the instructions on the RWC site but for the XC which it appears mine is not: Awesome. - Bike Recyclery, https://sram-cdn-pull-zone-gsdesign...files/techdocs/Pure Service Guide - Rev_A.pdf,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I am confused. What do you mean by hydrolocked? They're impossible to find anymore, but aside from the shaft bushing, each of the parts are available individually. Service kits include o-rings, glide rings, air valve caps, air valves, c-clips, crush washer, etc. • RockShox 15wt suspension fluid • RockShox 5wt suspension fluid • Liquid O-Ring® PM600 military grease • Buzzy's® Slick Honey bike grease • Shock pump • Seal installation tool • Downhill tire lever • Rubber mallet • Schrader valve core tool • 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 5 … 1. Get the speed you need to win and the strength you need to send it. Improperly installed forks are extremely dangerous and can result in severe and/or fatal injuries. Body seal: #31. I don't think there was ever an open bath Sid. Friction down. Rock Shox Reverb Seat Post Rebuild $175.00. SID RACE X X SID TEAM X X SID WORLD CUP X X TOTEM COIL X X TOTEM SOLO AIR X X TOTEM 2-STEP X X TORA 289 X X TORA 289 X X TORA 302 X X TORA 302 X X TORA 318 X X TORA 318 X X TORA 318 X X FORK TECHNOLOGY DESIGNATION (ALL FORKS) The following chart is a complete list of the 2007 RockShox fork line-up. I think that should work perfectly. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. A forum community dedicated to Mountain Bike owners and enthusiasts. You’re gonna go fast, and you’re gonna have fun. 1 1/8" Diameter Steerer measures 6 3/4" long with star nut installed. It details the fork model and corresponding Use our oil volume levels to service your fork yourself. It's a 6.5"/165mm shock from an GT iDrive 2.0, but was commonly used on many other bikes like the Giant. If either the air spring or damper needs service use the following complete service kits depending on Sid SL model., Vintage Rockshox SID SL Dual Air Fork: 1 1/8", 80mm Travel, Red, Disc/Rim Brake, Sub 3 Pounds! This service kit for RockShox SID Dual Air suspension forks from model year 2008 - 2015 with 80 - 100 mm travel includes all spare-parts for a complete service. Recommended Tooling, Greases and Oils RockShox Suspension Fluid 5WT RockShox Suspension Fluid 15WT RockShox Suspension Fluid 15WT 120ml Slickoleum Light Grease RockShox Dust Seal Driver … We’ve re-balanced SID, beefing up its strength to match its speed. does it feel hydrolocked? This was not an easy DIY project due to the hard to remove & replace keeper pins on bottom of uppers and trying to get fork oil back in forks. For more technical information, visit our website at Toll-free Technical Support in the USA, call 1.800.677.7177 Customers in countries other than the USA should contact their local dealer or distributor. this is assuming youre using the proper oil volumes. GREAT CONDITION, some scratches on the lowers, stanchions are MINT as show in pics. Please choose the kit that corresponds to your fork's model. Shop SID Shipping on orders of $99 or more*. Rock Shox TypeII Spring System RockShox TypeII Spring System details for INDY and JUDY Date: 05/27/09 Views: 6399 But looking in the many similarities between the Monarch and my older shock, I figured it was worth a shot. Dirt out. Service kits for rebuilding the Rock Shox Boxxer. Used to rebuild 2001 rockshox SID hydra air fork. I used a bottle brush to clean any of the old gunk out. As the brand’s premium short travel XC fork, the latest version of the SID arrived in March with its sights set on a spectacularly successful year of World Cup and Olympic glory underneath some of the fastest mountain bikers in the world. The Sid SL can come with 3 dampers all using 3wt oil for bleeding. Lawwill Leader Fork Rebuild $100.00. The right side is just damper with a rebound lever on top and another dial (compression?) Only needed a couple of seals, but glad had them. If you’re buying a new rear shock or servicing an existing one to improve the performance of your bike, this is the place to find all the parts and accessories you need. SID SL Ultimate. Shop for RockShox products and more. Used to rebuild 2001 Rockshox SID hydra air shock. Trusted performance featuring a 2-position compression setting (open/lock). Everyone loves a good collaboration, which is why we’ve been working with SKF, the world’s highest-performance seal manufacturer, for over 5 years.