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Thanos who wiped out half the universe. . We never got official pictures outside of that, or price info, piece count, anything. This one would lend itself to a siege and explosions. They are anti police brutality. Even their small minifig packs have them! Weird decision. I don't care for a lot of the Social Justice Warrior hyperbole people are attaching to the cancelled sets like this and the Osprey as well as the police-themed sets. They made a fix kit for Ant-Man which was free to get, same for Wall-E, they even recently offered a 'fix' kit for the '89 Batmobile that was *purely aesthetic*. Look at the depth of the building. If you’d rather pick one up in an official set, this summer’s Jurassic World line-up is said to include 76939 Stygimoloch Dinosaur Escape, a 4+ model that will reportedly retail for $39.99. It’s also not a rescue mission. There's terrorism and swat-teams all over the place. "A fireworks factory doesn’t belong in cities. Dead minifigures everywhere. 49 Greek Street Ugh. I’m sure I’m not the only one who buys lego and to use it in ways not in “keeping with the values of the LEGO City brand.”. Maybe TLG thought this set was too close to reality? That doesn’t provide much incentive to splash out $80 (or presumably £80) on a set with such a poor price-per-piece ratio, so here’s hoping 76942 Baryonyx Dinosaur Boat Escape includes one more dino, or at least a couple of new colours for the Baryonyx. "A candle factory would work, the police can crack the case because the bad guys smell like vanilla, mango/coconut and other sickly sweet candle scents. Now give me my Lego Guantanamo bay, strip joint and drug factory! "The groups you refer to are not anti-police. Obecnie możesz przykładowo kupić ładowarka samochodowa AUKEY CC-T11 3XUSB 14% taniej. On the one hand, with all of the thief/criminal minifigures LEGO has produced (I must have between 50 and 100 of them in a drawer), it makes perfect sense for them to have their own hideout. Bits in Khaki-green are 'work-in-progress' listings and anyone is welcome to add missing details, whether single items or whole chunks. Let us know in the comments. . . So maybe they just decided that the price/quantity/quality distribution was a little off.Or maybe it's all of the above.Something of a shame though, because it looks pretty funny at least. The Big Bang Theory and Simpsons are full of sexual references and the like that most certainly aren’t suitable for children. Way too dangerous. Close. Shame that this set has been cancelled. There’s enough crime in the Super Hero sets, and a warehouse isn’t exactly a difficult build to replicate. I can understand that choise. @GrizBe said:"As pointed out by other, seems rather silly to cancel this set for 'no longer being in the values', when they've multiple sets already with other themes aimed at kids that cross the line massively. . Seems pretty obvious to me. Odkryj radość zakupów i 100% bezpieczeństwa transakcji. I know Lego makes sets for older kids based on violent Star Wars and Marvel films but I think they drew a line for the City theme and this crossed it. To that end, here’s everywhere we’ve seen these rumoured dinos before, and how much they’re currently going for on BrickLink. @Inflex said:"Sad times. My 8 y.o. Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings are properties with some pretty violent deaths. W1D 4EG, 75935 Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt. They are against no-knock warrant raids that cause untold death and property damage without reasonable justification. . I think it would be good if they indicated what aspect of the set is the actual problem enough to design it, advertise it, and then decide it is not in line with their core values. "Euhm: Blacktron, Spyrius, Star Wars, etc ...enough sets that focus on "the bad guys" lol, The designer is prolly like, "Seriously, guys? @Brickodillo said:" @kwickbrick said:"A fireworks factory would be so useful in my city. . This makes no sense. If you have LEGO news, new images or something else to tell us about, send us a message. So if instead of City it were renamed/redesigned an Avengers' or Batman set there wouldn't have been any issues right?Also was this the only set to include the new search light? I guess they've decided that this rather blurs the line between crooks as antagonist & protagonist. That it is too real. Zobacz pozostałe okazje, które zauważyliśmy. Joker's gang would have loved this hideout. Because you would think that part would be easily corrected by converting the helicopter to a more conventional configuration. The only images came from the back of an instruction booklet, it's not like it hit the catalogs. ... Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is a simulator game where y... 2021. Way too dangerous. There are plenty of police sets with criminals but they are mostly chases or heists. Ah yes, all the "values" these days, almost forgot, thank you for a reminder, TLG :). This is a problematic set because of the theme, the explosions and raids, these are things that parents want to keep away from children. I think that Lego is trying to please the minority that complain unfortunately. XP"The Winter cubes got cancelled?!?No! I don't think we can compare these two at all, and moreover this particular set is literally an explosives factory next to the town center, so weapons here are not storytelling devices but the story itself. It’s pretty reasonable to cancel it, and it likely won’t impact their core demographic of young children. All cops are bad, even the brick ones. Our first and only LEGO version of this dino originally appeared in 2019’s 75935 Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt, a set that’s apparently just left production. That’s bad news for fans hoping to expand their prehistoric menagerie, but there is an upside: we already know what to expect from the sets coming along this summer (should these rumours pan out), which should help you decide whether to bother budgeting for them. It's not a loss at all. Keep track of all this year’s May the Fourth offers with our dedicated page, and support the work that Brick Fanatics does by purchasing your LEGO Star Wars sets through one of our affiliate links. Too bad, there needs to be more "silly" explosives and other things for villains to do! That intern is now in charge of sweeping the floor. This is 'Little Oskar' a MOC Skeleton of Giraffatitan (former Brachiosaurus) brancai out of the 21320 Dinosaur Fossils set in a 1:32 scale, fitting the original set models.It based on the world's tallest mounted dinosaur skeleton: Oskar the Giraffatitan displayed in the Museum für Naturkunde (National history museum) Berlin. Take away all of the stickers, vehicles, and minifigures from this set and make it a manufacturing plant of something innocuous, and I would love to add it to my (tiny) industrial zone!Edit: you’d also need to drop the police dog. They need to he more specific in their language. Prevents potentially interesting models or themes, given characters in themes like JW or Super Heroes unneeded sci-fi style weapons or vehicles. This one would lend itself to a siege and explosions. The latest LEGO VIP sweepstakes has gone live on the official online store with a one-of-a-kind, . You bet I’m disappointed.Not sure what LEGO is trying to say here. A warehouse/industrial building would be a welcome addition, like a modern 6391 Cargo Center please! . Nakupujte tovar za nízku cenu. Tisíce kusov bazárového a zlacneného tovaru. #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } Bits in salmon-pink are later additions, notes or further information supplied by others. "Is that in the helicopter's coaxial rotors? @MrKoshka said:" @Darth_TNT said:"I don't think there's a singular reason to have cancelled this. This year’s LEGO Jurassic World sets are rumoured to contain a familiar mix of dinos – but where have we seen these cretaceous creatures before? I am struggling more and more to understand LEGO's marketing decisions these days. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The “core values” card is worthless when no one is sure what the values are. Väčšinu máme skladom. Overall, I think this was a good decision by TLG. What a world. Not enough affordable housing in LEGO as it is! It has a giant, cartoon stick of dynamite on top of it. That instead of a Police quarters or a bank, you have the place where the crooks stay and the Police to apprehend them before they commit (another) crime(s)? Dead minifigures everywhere. Most recently included in 2019’s 75938 T. rex vs Dino-Mech Battle, the LEGO T. rex has mostly been the preserve of sets at mid- to high-tier price tags. Most of these also take place in a real world settings with cities and civilians as well.In the end, all they care about is how it will affect the bottom line. Zobacz pozostałe okazje, które zauważyliśmy. The only images came from the back of an instruction booklet, it's not like it hit the catalogs. They're so fake and too-faced, pretending to be all 'woke' and progressive. The actual cancellation of the set I'm ambivalent about- it's LEGO's decision, they don't owe me or anyone else an explanation as to why.What I AM interested in- I wonder if it'd be at all possible for them to repurpose any of the set? At least this one hasn’t been sold ‘accidentally’ and wasn’t shown off, teased to us and then snatched away at the last second..... @Phoenixio said:" @AddictedToStyrene said:"I suspect it was just a bit too violent for a City themed set. Instead of canceling the set outright why didn’t they try a redesign, reshaping the dynamite on the rooftop to resemble fireworks or even a candle factory hiding the dubious criminals inside. Każda kobieta doskonale wie o tym, że aby móc stworzyć kilka różnorodnych stylizacji na co dzień, warto mieć w swojej szafie ubrania bazowe, czyli dżinsy, bluzę lub marynarkę oraz koszulki damskie. That kind of implies the police are searching for illicit explosives... a bomb sniffing dog doesn’t exactly belong in a toy play set. In most of the world being poor or houseless is a crime. 1999 Pokemon Fossil 1st Edition Booster Box Factory Sealed. When they announce a Colosseum that’s rendered as an architectural model, that counteracts their anti violence policy, but when they cancel a set based on a police raid, then that’s “cancel culture”... LEGO's standards are weird. So I guess Mgmt decided that it's too expensive to produce and the margin is not high enough. Coming in at the smaller end of the dino-scale, the Stygimoloch has so far only appeared in a single set, 2018’s 75927 Stygimoloch Breakout. In much of the west being a person of colour is a crime. They should just rename it "Dynamite factory with police protection" and release it that way. "Totally.They should simply have renamed the set to something LEGO finds totally acceptable.How about Crook's Hideout Carnage? Because they recognize, correctly, that all the issues you listed with police are inherent to the structure of policing. Its fine to cancel this set because its just one set in a huge City theme but themes that are centered around violence but sell really well are fine (SW, Super Heroes, Ninjago, Monkey Kid, etc). I see a lot of comments that say it is about the "Raid" part, and that the Police are attacking instead of defending. Also wonder about shifting cultural ideas about crime and policing just making them fear these kinds of sets may be becoming more controversial. Plus there's the whole, home-made bombs and urban terrorism thing, and I would imagine that Lego didn't want to risk the bad optics. When i saw the set for the first time it felt out of place right away. */. They'll cancel a set with some weird, vague reason, but they've got enough themes that are licensed with questionable content, and then there's the whole China thing, but I'm not getting into that. Too bad, I liked the red building & the little red car. Look at the sticker of the bomb, though.Is the bomb winking with a cheeky grin?I can understand why Lego would've had second thoughts about that. Fossil Fashion Accessories, Curbside Pickup, Storefront ... Lego Toys and Hobbies, Curbside Pickup Telephone 204-774-1801. I don’t see any problem whatsoever. What I’m asking for is consistency in what is and isn’t okay to make, which is something big companies tend to lack. "All the themes and sets you list are fantasy or existing intellectual properties that are fantasy. Replace the weapons with carrots. . It looks nice, and it has those excellent road plates I'm going to buy bulk of. They are against no-knock warrant raids that cause untold death and property damage without reasonable justification. Imagine a black kid in Chicago playing with it on the street and a police patrol drives by- thats a real disaster waiting to happen. It’s also not a rescue mission. The whole point of those books is to say what sets are currently available or what is coming up, and they’re often the first things to leak. @Darth_TNT said:"I don't think there's a singular reason to have cancelled this. "The key word there is “realistic”. What a toxic cesspool 60% of this comment section is. This set is literally a weapons factory. Only In-Mall Pickup Telephone 613-241-9133. ""Dead minifigures everywhere" would seem to cross into problematic territory. 40372. You can follow me on Twitter at @brfa_chris. They are against spending into police budgets where police are not the best service to address problems - such as lack of housing, mental health issues, and other social service based problems that we currently just don’t address appropriately.Perhaps you meant most of that and you were simply overly brief in your wording. (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[6]='PRODUCT';ftypes[6]='text';fnames[7]='COUNTRY';ftypes[7]='radio';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';fnames[3]='ADDRESS';ftypes[3]='address';fnames[4]='PHONE';ftypes[4]='phone';fnames[5]='BIRTHDAY';ftypes[5]='birthday';fnames[1]='MMERGE1';ftypes[1]='text';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); Get in touch with Brick Fanatics at [email protected], Tiro Media Ltd Dead minifigures everywhere. ;-PDon't we all just love the hypocrisy of TLG "values"?By the way, don't get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with this set being canceled. I'm not interested to speculate. We do own the swamp's hideout, and the boys love it, and they actually 'know' crook's are stealing and robbing and maybe killing people, and using explosives - we simply call them bombs - is part of the story. When has Lego ever not admitted and fixed a design flaw? It also means that if you’ve so far missed out on any of these beasts, you’ll hopefully be able to pick them up a little cheaper than the current aftermarket prices for each of the moulded animals. They didn’t feel this was a good fit for them.Beyond that, if LEGO deciding not to make an explosives factory offends you - you should be on a watch list. Elektromarkety czasami naprawdę mocno obniżają ceny niektórych towarów, sprawiając, że robią się naprawdę bardzo atrakcyjne. It might not have even reached production"I think if it was far along to the point of being in a catalogue, then it may as well considered revealed. And given that resistance is required to created conflict, and the logical conclusion there is death, it makes sense that LEGO wants to avoid something that could be very easily construed as offensive after over a year of renewed interest in and anger over the role of the police in society. This moc keeps it laid back while also putting you at the top of your game. From the creators of Cyanide & Happiness and I-Moc... Mar-11-2021. It might not have even reached production"I think if it was far along to the point of being in a catalogue, then it may as well considered revealed. Obecnie możesz przykładowo kupić produkt z outletu: Golarka BRAUN 5147s 27% taniej. I think the reason for cancellation is that the police attack here, not defend. Close. Discover luxurious fashion items from 8,000+ brands, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes & Valentino. Vyhledávejte knihy v úplném znění v nejucelenějÅ¡ím indexu na světě. I always remember this Star Wars quote whenever LEGO tries to justify a decision they make:‘I find that answer vague and unconvincing’ K-2SO.I mean, release all the ‘realistic’ starfighters and pirate taverns you want, but cartoony, abandoned dynamite factories are punishable by death for some reason. For reference, google John Oliver / police raids. This one would lend itself to a siege and explosions. Another crook hideout is a bit redundant at this point.We get countless police and fire stations with the occasional hospital, hardly any office or apartment buildings like you’d see in a real city. LEGO Creator has at least one other set as part of the summer wave with a . Action. I know kids who would love this, and already make their own crook hideouts for their city police to raid. "This was the only new CITY set I was looking forward to, other than the rumored Safari line there isn't anything that pulls me in to it. Will they CANCEL Star Wars now?You cut the Helicopter which is part of this set... Maybe Lego is gonna make less sets in year, so they can make better sets (like they once did).......Nah, probably not, but one can dream.